1. The membership of the Association shall be open to registered pawnbrokers. All pawnbrokers in Malaysia may apply for membership in the name of their firms/shop. Each application for membership shall name in his application for membership a representative. An applicant whose application has been approved by the Committee shall upon payment of the entrance fee and subscription, become member of Association.

2. Members of the Association who are not in arrears of subscriptions shall enjoy the following privileges:-
a) To elect or be elected.
b) To speak and to vote.
c) To submit any proposal for discussion at the general meeting.

3. The obligation of members shall be as follows:-
a) To abide by the rules and resolutions of the Association.
b) To assist in the running of the affairs of the Association.
c) To pay subscription in accordance with the rules of the Association.
d) To make special Contributions, if required.

4. All members of the Committee shall be Malaysian Citizens.

5a. All members shall provide their own travelling, food and lodging when attending the general meeting of the Association.

5b. Board and lodging of members of the Committee, who go to attend Standing Committee Meeting, shall be paid for by the Association.

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